Quill Gordon Mystery Series

Book #3

Not Death, But Love
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are mysteries in the classic tradition, featuring an amateur detective — an outsider drawn into the drama of the small mountain communities he’s visiting.

Gordon is a former college basketball player and stockbroker. After making a modest fortune in the bull market of the 1980s, he has the freedom to pursue his love of fly-fishing and the outdoors. But his fishing plans tend to get sidetracked by a murder or other outrage.

Each Quill Gordon novel is set in a different locale, rich in atmosphere, with different characters and issues. The common thread is Gordon’s steady hand as he helps solve the crime that has disrupted the community.

#3 in Series:

“You Look Like an Honest Man”

With those words, retired English teacher Charlotte London approaches Quill Gordon in a small-town café and gives him a manila envelope for safekeeping. That night, a fire destroys her house, her body is found in the ruins...

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#2 in Series

“There will be no love at Harry’s”


Harry Ezekian’s daughter-in-law, rumored to be a witch, put that curse on his once-venerable riverside lodge, a Mecca for fly fishermen and philandering politicians.

For two decades afterward...

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#1 in Series

“It’s scary, and so wrong.”


On a fly-fishing vacation in California’s High Sierra, San Francisco stockbroker Quill Gordon gets more than he bargained for.

The McHenry cattle ranch, where he has rented a cabin, is at the center of a trial...


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