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Quill Gordon Mystery Series

daughters-of-alta-mira“EVERY WOMAN IN TOWN IS TERRIFIED.” Since the school year started, two female students in Alta Mira, a town in a beautiful high desert valley, have gone missing while hitchhiking home from the community college. There may be a serial killer at work, and as if the new sheriff didn’t have her hands full with that, two star players on the high school football team are under a cloud of suspicion in connection with the rape of a cheerleader at a Saturday night party. Into the middle of all this, Quill Gordon and his friend Sam Akers show up for a late-season fishing trip with Gordon’s old college buddy, local radio host “Mountain Bob” Hastings. Mountain Bob thinks he has a lead on one of the crimes, and when he’s murdered during his morning program, the sheriff and district attorney turn to Gordon for help following up his friend’s investigation. After another student disappears, it becomes a race against time and gender, with Gordon trying to avoid becoming the killer’s second male victim.

Book #4

"Every woman in town is terrified"

The Daughters of Alta Mira
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are mysteries in the classic tradition, featuring an amateur detective — an outsider drawn into the drama of the small mountain communities he’s visiting.

Gordon is a former college basketball player and stockbroker. After making a modest fortune in the bull market of the 1980s, he has the freedom to pursue his love of fly-fishing and the outdoors. But his fishing plans tend to get sidetracked by a murder or other outrage.

Each Quill Gordon novel is set in a different locale, rich in atmosphere, with different characters and issues. The common thread is Gordon’s steady hand as he helps solve the crime that has disrupted the community.

#3 in Series:

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“You Look Like an Honest Man”

With those words, retired English teacher Charlotte London approaches Quill Gordon in a small-town café and gives him a manila envelope for safekeeping. That night, a fire destroys her house, her body is found in the ruins...

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#2 in Series

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“There will be no love at Harry’s”


Harry Ezekian’s daughter-in-law, rumored to be a witch, put that curse on his once-venerable riverside lodge, a Mecca for fly fishermen and philandering politicians.

For two decades afterward...

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#1 in Series

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“It’s scary, and so wrong.”


On a fly-fishing vacation in California’s High Sierra, San Francisco stockbroker Quill Gordon gets more than he bargained for.

The McHenry cattle ranch, where he has rented a cabin, is at the center of a trial...


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