Quill Gordon Mystery Series

“I’M HEADED TO SAN FRANCISCO. YOU COULD COME WITH ME.” Seventeen-year-old Leah Drake was passing out flyers for her church when she vanished from a remote mountain rest stop. A classmate thought she saw Leah in the front seat of a red convertible speeding down the highway, and Leah’s ATM card was used in San Francisco four days later. After that, the trail went cold. When Leah’s distraught mother asks Quill Gordon to continue the search in San Francisco, he accepts with little hope of success. But a couple of breaks go his way, and Gordon soon finds himself following Leah’s path — one that leads, ominously, to the city’s highest levels of power and prestige.

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Book #7

The Man in
the Red Convertible

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Publication date June 19, 2019

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are mysteries in the classic tradition, praised by Amazon readers for their ingenious plots, vivid characterizations, and evocative sense of place.

Gordon is a former college basketball player and stockbroker. After making a modest fortune in the bull market of the 1980s, he has the freedom to pursue his love of fly-fishing and the outdoors. Coming to the small mountain communities he visits as an outsider, he is drawn into their hidden intrigues as a crime occurs and he finds himself involved in the investigation.

Each novel is set in a different locale, rich in atmosphere, with its own characters, issues and history. The common thread is Gordon’s steady hand as he helps solve the crime that has disrupted the community.


#1 in Series

Buy “The McHenry Inheritance”


A corpse by the trout stream. A family-destroying legal battle. A militia roaming the woods. You call this a vacation?

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#2 in Series

Buy “Wash Her Guilt Away”


Harry’s Riverside Lodge had a long and colorful history. The locked-room murder was merely the latest chapter.

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#3 in Series:

Buy “Not Death, But Love”


Writing her family history got Charlotte London murdered. Trusting a stranger the last day of her life got her justice.

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#4 in Series

Buy “Daughters of Alta Mira”


A serial killer was at work in the small town, and the only clue was a single word scrawled on a victim’s note pad.

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#5 in Series

Buy “I Scarce Can Die”

It took the jury 45 minutes to convict Gary Baxter of killing his wife, Connie, in an alcoholic blackout, and not even the defense attorney, was surprised.

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#6 in Series

Buy “The Slaves of Thrift”

Twin brothers Mason and Tyler Linfield are due to split an $800 million inheritance when they turn 25 in a few months.

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