“There will be no love at Harry’s”

Harry Ezekian’s daughter-in-law, rumored to be a witch, put that curse on his once-venerable riverside lodge, a Mecca for fly fishermen and philandering politicians. For two decades afterward the place went downhill, but a new owner has fixed it up, and expert angler Quill Gordon and his friend Peter Delaney have come to check it out. A stretch of bad weather throws the lodge’s visitors too close together for comfort, and sexual tensions simmer, just as the curse predicted. Then the bored and restless young second wife of a middle-aged businessman is found strangled in one of the cabins — locked from the inside and surrounded by snow with no footprints leading in or out. When it turns out that the victim had been flirting, or worse, with all the men at the lodge, everybody’s a suspect, and Gordon finds himself trying to help a baffled detective answer two questions: For which person at Harry’s did love turn murderous, and how could a seemingly impossible crime have been committed?

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